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About us

Welcome to Simeco, the leading manufacturer of premium quality built-in cooking appliances in Turkey.

In Simeco we combine innovative design and outstanding quality - the result providing stylish and durable appliances of top standard. In our facility only high standard components are transformed into a final product with the state of the art technology. 

Quality management is our way of doing things in every stage and is directly reflected to your brand.

We are located in Izmir, western Turkey- one of the manufacturing hubs for the appliance industry. 

Consequently with all these aspects we constantly keep our enthusiasm in developing and cooperating with your brand.

‘‘ extraordinary cooking appliances ’’
facts of sımeco
  • Annual production capacity: 500.000 units 
  • Full range of built-in cooking appliances from one location: Gas / Electric ovens, induction / ceramic / electric / gas hobs, cooker hoods. 
  • 24.000 m2 total area (of which 11.500 m2 covered) 
  • 200 employees 
  • 6 production lines 
  • Located in Free Trade Zone in Izmir- 10 km from international airport, 20 km from Turkey’s biggest export harbour 
  • In house enamelling facility 
  • Fully equipped laboratory 
  • Lean production methodology
sales network

Today you can find appliances 
produced by Simeco in the kitchens 
on 5 continents, in more than 
40 countries

quality policy

By means of the opinion of “enabling all the personnel to interiorize the perception of quality management”, as the executives of SI.ME.CO Isı Ekipmanları ve Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş., we consider the following aspects as our quality policy and undertake to

  • Obtain the most qualified results in the most economical way as soon as possible in all our activities related to our products, services and processes in the sector of built-in devices, and to increase our power of international competition,  
  • Improve the culture of management system suitable for our company constantly in the direction of total quality target,
  • Apply and constantly develop simple production technics and 5S philosophy in parallel with the other factors of our quality policy,
  • Fulfil all the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008 and legal regulations,
  • Improve our quality management system and business process constantly,
  • Maximize the customer satisfaction by fulfilling the requirements of customers,
  • Enable all departments of our company to achieve our targets and to increase the work satisfaction by encouraging the personnel to participate in the quality management activities,
  • Develop the quality of service and material constantly by establishing mutually beneficial supplier relations
  • Follow and utilize the technological developments and innovations constantly in order to achieve the target of establishment,
  • Review our targets and implementations continuously in the light of innovations
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